Contributing to GDC

GDC is currently developed by a very small group. While the addition of a D front-end to GCC represents a great step forward for D, it also represents an informal promise by the D community to keep the D frontend up to date with the latest GCC development.

If you use GDC, we encourage you to try to contribute, whether by submitting bugfixes, new features, documentation updates, web page improvements, etc. In the past, GDC has nearly died due to poor communication and lack of development. Avoiding those issues is easier than ever before, but GDC will always need a community that's willing to give back.

For access to the current development sources of GDC, visit our git repository. Documentation on GDC is available from the wiki.

If you are looking for a project to help improve GDC, check the project ideas page.

Feel free to contact me via email or message me at #d-gdc on Libera.Chat.